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WordPress is not just a blogging platform

You now have your domain name and ready to launch your website but you are not sure which way to turn and what platform to use for your site. Some of the important things to be concerned about when deciding this is ease of use, control of design and security.

Ease of Use

The best application to use for websites to make it easy to use and update is called a Content Management System or CMS and it is used in a wide variety of industries including media, e-commerce, manufacturing and many more.

Reasons to go with a CMS
  • Easy to use for the non-technically-minded
  • Allows for multiple users
  • Regularly update the site
  • Helps you to manage your content
  • Allows you to make design changes without affecting the content and in turn allow you to update the content without affecting the design.

Now that you have decided to go with a CMS, which one do you go with. There are numerous CMS applications available from open-source which are free to use proprietary applications that you can license or you can even work with a developer and make your own (which I do not advise). The platform that I use with all my clients and for my own sites is WordPress. It is one of the most popular CMS applications and currently is used by 25% of sites across the web.

You will probably hear that WordPress is only a blogging platform and shouldn’t be used for anyone who needs a website for more then just adding articles. They couldn’t be more wrong. While it did start out as a blogging platform where all your posts would show up on the home page in hierarchical order with no flexibility but every update to the software it has grown to become an all encompass platform.

Sample of how a default WordPress site looks like.







Companies that are currently using WordPress
Chicago Sun-Times Derron Brown Jess Marks Photography

As you see you can really transform a site from the default way WordPress comes out of the box to looking how you want your site designed. How this is done is through what is called “themes” and they are basically the cover layer which tells the content how to be displayed. You can either use the many free themes that are available to install in WordPress, use the many premium themes that are available at a cost or work with a developer and have your own custom theme.


A main concern for all website owners is security, not only to have their own site protected but also to protect their users, especially if you have an e-commerce site.

Truth is no site is 100% secure but it is what you do to make it secure. WordPress does give you the tools to make sure your site is secure from the ability to having complex login names and passwords to using third-party plugins to keep it locked down to ones that scan your site to make sure there are no issues. As well WordPress developers are always keeping tabs of any security issues and then releasing updates to fix the issues. There are tons of information on how to keep your site secure and you can always get developers to help you with any issues. The main steps that you first should take is always keep the WordPress application updated when there is a new release and use a unique login name as well as a strong password.

Next Step

Now that you have decided go with WordPress as your website platform there are two different ways you can approach to getting your site up and running.

If you are a DIY’er here is what you need to do
  • Find a company to host your site – here are a few Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostMonster
  • Install WordPress – most hosting company have a one-click install feature
  • Choose and upload your theme – You can choose what is free in the WordPress catalogue or go with a premium theme. You will still have to do more tinkering with your site depending how what your design is
  • Add content and promote your site

If you either not interested in doing these steps, too busy or just don’t want to deal with all the backend technical details hire a developer like me to get you up and going

  • Have the site designed and working how you want it to
  • Don’t have to worry about how the site gets on the web – just know that it is
  • All you should worry about is providing the content

Don’t let technology get it the way of having a great site that is easy to use, update and is secure.


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