Interaction – The Key To Social Media

I have noticed that when a brand or business starts up a Facebook page or Twitter account it seems like it is done on a reactionary basis. “Since our competitor is there we need to be there” is the cree heard without truly understanding what it means or why the need to be there.

The companies that understand social media and really work on it are getting it. But from what I see the majority of companies don’t get Rule #1 of social media – Interaction.

Companies seem to think that all there is to do on social media sites is to broadcast that they are open, inform that there is a sale going on, for restaurants, what special is happening that night, they’ve received new product, or just randomly post questions.

All of the above are definitely things you should doing and include them in your social media plan but these should be done in conjuction with Rule #1 – Interaction. If people, most of which are real customers, post a question on Facebook or tweet you a question it is very important that you respond, if only because they are looking for an answer to a problem. It also makes the person feel important in that you are taking your time out of your schedule to answer the question which could in turn spur word of mouth and bring in more customers.
Just remember that being in social media implies that you want to develop relationships and those relationships are important to customers and having it just a one-way street will make your brand because less and less the top spot in their mind.

The second rule of social media – provide content.

There are multiple ways that you can use social media to keep your brand in the minds of your customer or potential customers. You need to do it and you need to do it regularly. Whether it is a simple post to let you know there is a sale going on, posting a special only for your followers or fans, or just something personal in your life doing this keeps your brand active. Another way to be active is share posts that others have posted. This shows that you are also reading but you are also aware of what is going on. Also be an expert in your field. Do this by adding a blog to your website and post tips, ideas, suggestion, and you can use social media to let people know of what’s being posted.

Of course the above tips won’t have any results unless you really work on it and make it a part of your everyday business dealings. People will see and catch on if you are doing it just because or really making an effort to immerse yourself.

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