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10 things to do before kicking off your web project

You know you need a website but where you do start. The following ten tips should get you on the right track to figure out website development.

Plan your site

Some questions you should answer before you even think about how you want your site to look like – what is the aim of your site, who is your target market, do you want Google to find your site, how do you want your site visitors to connect with you.

Plan your navigation

This is often an overlooked item but you should make sure that from each page the visitor is one click away from

  • The home page
  • Contact page
  • Up one level from where they are
  • Access to pages in the same section

Design your site

Take the answers to the questions above and start to sketch out a framework of what you want your site (homepage) to look like on a piece of paper so you can figure out what information you want to give you to visitors when they first visit from there you will understand how things will be when you start to design your site.

Get the right developer

Now you can do your site DIY – see my article WordPress is not just a blogging platform – which can offer its own challenges or you can work with a developer. While it may be more costly finding that right one that developer will help you overcome any issues and make the move to getting your website live very easy.

One note to make – with the daily use of mobile phones these days your site need to be responsive – meaning the site looks good on both a desktop computer screen and your phone. Make sure your developer includes that in the design.

Be prepared for how long it will take

To go with the above whether you go the DIY route or with a developer going through the website production is not something that can be done over the weekend. Depending on the complexity of the site taking 2-6 months to have a site go live is not out of the question.

When there are delays it can be on both sides – as the site owner keep your developer on track and regularly check in and get updates as well as the site owner make sure you are providing the developer with the content they need for the site.

Your site isn’t done when it goes live

A website has a lot of pieces and while your design and content are important making sure your site is serving the visitors right so making sure you have the proper SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and analytics in place is just as important, almost more. Both will help you refine your site and see where you can improve in places.

Don’t overglitz

While it may set you apart from others by having the latest trending style make sure your site is easy to read for your visitors and has good content.

Site Maintenance

Make sure you have a plan in place to keep your site updated, maintained and working as it should. It is also important to remember to always keep your site updated and the easiest to do is to add a blog to your site where you can write articles showing your expertise in your industry.

Don’t Skimp On The Budget

You don’t have to spend top dollar for your site but you also don’t want to go as cheap as you can. If this is a business site it should be a part of your marketing budget as well it should be viewed as your virtual store window and you want visitors to click through and stay as long as possible.

Plan your site

Yes I know that this was the first thing listed and it wasn’t that I ran out of items to list it is just that planning your site is very important especially before you start diving deep in to the production development of it as sometimes it is time-consuming and costly to change ideas when the site is finished and ready to go live.





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