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Project Gutenberg

Right from the start this is definitely not a project anymore but will be a part of the next major WordPress update, 5.0. For the uninitiated WordPress is changing their layout editor to allow it to compete with the WYSIWYG era of SquareSpace and Wix for their hosted version of the open-sourced software. The main difference that you will see is the layout editor has completely changed. Currently there is not a lot you can do with the editor as far making layout changes to your content. Other then using visual editors like Divi your content will display like everyone…

Developing, News

WordPress is not just a blogging platform

You now have your domain name and ready to launch your website but you are not sure which way to turn and what platform to use for your site. Some of the important things to be concerned about when deciding this is ease of use, control of design and security.


Interaction – The Key To Social Media

I have noticed that when a brand or business starts up a Facebook page or Twitter account it seems like it is done on a reactionary basis. “Since our competitor is there we need to be there” is the cree heard without truly understanding what it means or why the need to be there.